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Cloud Services

Cloud server for data and computation

Organizations are embracing cloud to benefit from the scalability, responsiveness and cost-efficiencies that cloud computing offers. The transformation to a cloud environment is a significant enterprise undertaking that has a tremendous impact on the way IT organizations operate and the way services are delivered to business users.

Our Cloud Computing solutions reduces the overhead cost of server hardware and other applications, and it is suitable for companies that are looking forward to cut their costs. In short, Cloud hosting servers that can also be defined as fully redundant and multi-server systems which are easily scalable and can be virtualized on demand.

With Cloud servers; resources allocation, scalability and server upgrade or downgrade cycles are no longer a worry as we takes care of these seamlessly and adjusts resources in real time, without the need of a server reboot.

With resources dynamically allocated as per the server load, intelligent Auto-Scaling technology knows when to allocate and de-allocate resources to a virtual machine.

What Afxlabs Provides

Afxlabs offers end-to-end cloud computing services with strategic consulting to further transform the way organizations leverage IT. Incorporating the strategic transformation of processes, technologies and capabilities, our approach ensures the optimal mix of enhanced agility, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximum Return on Investment (ROI). We use a highly structured approach to establish your business needs, assess the underlying technology components (such as infrastructure, applications, processes, policies – just to name a few), and then deploy the appropriate cloud computing components to deliver reduced costs, enhanced agility, quick service delivery and improved scalability.

Our cloud services include the following:

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Deployment and Migration Service
  • Cloud Development and Security Service
  • Automated Cloud database Backup to remote servers

Get The Afxlabs Advantage

Afxlabs cloud expertise, proven assessment methodologies and skilled vendor-agnostic resources will provide your IT executives and front-line management the right support to select and implement the best cloud computing solutions for your environment. Our tailored approach will help you with the following:

  • Identify the cloud computing form, best suited to your business goals
  • Transition applications to different cloud vendors based on their workload and cost-benefits
  • Define a migration strategy and roadmap to meet your specific cloud implementation objectives and improve overall IT management and governance
  • Identify your core security issues and optimize information security costs
  • Provide end-to-end vendor-agnostic consulting with specific focus on client growth strategy
  • Provide capabilities covering the full cloud transformation journey encompassing consulting, deployment and migration services, and environment build and management

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