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OnDemand Crm

On Demand Cloud based Crm

What is Cloud CRM Software?

The use of the term "Cloud" include a broad set of applications and software deployment models. After compiling several online resources, we created a generally accepted definition of cloud CRM.

CRM software that is deployed into a cloud environment becomes "Cloud CRM Software". Most (if not all) Cloud environments are built using virtualization and load balancing technology that allows applications to be deployed across multiple servers and database resources.

Why Cloud Computing Matters

Cloud based CRM benefits customers by providing application scalability and reduced hardware costs. In addition, Cloud computing technology made it easier for Afxlabs to deliver our CRM software as a service (SaaS) for customers who want to acquire CRM without managing hardware, software, and upgrades while reducing up-front expenses. Customers can build an internal cloud to reduce ongoing hardware costs while maintaining greater control over integration and require local access to their data server.

Cloud CRM allows customers to access their business applications anywhere.

Definition of Web-Based Software: Use of a browser (thin client) to access a software application over the Internet (or intranet) to perform work.
By using web-based software, customers receive many benefits that are not inherently part of The Cloud. By eliminating client software, customers save time and money on installation and maintenance. In addition, the web delivers access from any device on any platform without expensive and complicated VPN and remote access software.  The benefits of web software are especially significant when companies have multiple locations or companies.

Hosted "Clouds"

When vendors place legacy software on a hosted virtual server, they claim to have a "cloud based CRM solution." But without web-based software, customers receive very few of the benefits described here. The presence of a thick client often requires longer installation times, dispersed data, client upgrades, and complicated remote access software. When looking for cloud CRM software, make sure that it is web-based!


  • Subscription-based (SaaS) deployment model with easy, predictable pricing
  • Engineered for the global entCRMrise with multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-subsidiary capabilities
  • Modern user experience optimized for today’s collaborative, hyper-connected, and mobile workforce
  • Business intelligence for everyone with pervasive and in-context analytics

Features of CRM include:

  • Social CRM
  • Customer data integration
  • Quote and order capture
  • Partner relationship management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) applications
  • Price Management
  • CRM gadgets
  • Self-service and eBilling


  • Get up and running faster with less upfront costs and investment risk
  • Ensure consistent processes across all your locations around the world
  • Make more informed and data-driven business decisions
  • Boost user productivity and increase user adoption
  • Eliminate the need for expensive customizations

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